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Why do some people seem to always perform well in life?

What is their secret to success, be it in their professional careers or relationships?

Are they just lucky or could you start winning too, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in?

With a change in mindset you too could become successful in any area of your life you wish. Whether it’s for a career move, attracting new clients, or improving your relationships.
It’s time to put yourself forward instead of watching from the side-lines. However this time, instead of being controlled by what’s happening around you, you’ll have the skills to take charge of your mind and start getting results.

Be the Most Valuable Player in your life

The term MVP is used in sports to recognise the most valuable player of a team. In your life, that person can be you.

MVPs have emotional control – they aren’t the ones who get shown the red card and sent off the pitch. They know how to transform problems into opportunities. Mental strength, resilience and positive, contagious energy are all qualities of the MVP, which you can develop too.
Lindsay Nixon, founder of Inspiring Results, has created the exclusive MVP Programme for personal and professional development, in which you will be able to start to identify your Mission, create your Vision and develop your full Potential

Lindsay brings her MVP programme to Emotium, in its original version in English, offering you the opportunity to become the most valuable person in all aspects of your life and of those around you.
With her training, you can gain the skills to develop the mental strategies, strength and agility you need to take your personal or professional life to the next level.



Sessions are in-person
Duration 4 weeks
Maximum 12 people
Entirely in English (for native/bilingual level)
Consists of three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold

MVP Bronze
Is the preparatory phase, the first session, in which we discover the characteristics of an MVP, how their mind works and how they control their emotions; together with practical tools and techniques for you to start from day 1 to take control and develop your own MVP potential.
MVP Silver
Is the main core training, with an intensive programme over two weeks, during which we will delve into mental and emotional intelligence, training your mental and emotional strength to feed, fuel and programme you to progress in your chosen direction. We will explore and work on different areas, including the “mental diet”, emotional intelligence and awareness, effective communication, decision making…, all focused on strengthening your resources.
MVP Gold
Is the peak of the previous stages and we bring together all of the Bronze and Silver training. Once your challenges, strengths, Mission, Vision and Potential are identified, you will design your own game plan with a personalised strategy to advance towards your own objectives.


We work together on the ME – the Mental and the Emotional
If you’ve ever been to a gym or done sports, you may have felt sweaty and tired after a really good work-out session or game. Lindsay calls this ‘happy tired’.
Sessions with her are often tough too, with thought-provoking questions to really get to the heart of the matter and release your hidden potential or boost what you are already doing.
Lindsay will push you out of your comfort zone and get you going into your work zone, with the safety net of knowing that, as an experienced coach, she will give you the techniques to empower you to progress and yet remain clear of your ‘injury risk’ zone.

Are you ready to go through ‘happy tired’ moments and start celebrating your wins?

If you want to create that champion mindset, contact us for a consultation with Lindsay prior to registering.


Included in the programme

“First Aid kit” with techniques for on-the-spot use in moments of “crisis”.

“Tool box” (guide to resources and practical material).

Practical exercises focused on your development

Opportunity of individual weekly tutorials with Lindsay (online, by email, or telephone) upon request, to resolve questions between sessions during the month of the programme

Personalised review of your strategic game plan (optional individual session of 30 minutes with Lindsay during the week following the close of the programme, upon request)

Checkpoint review of progress (optional individual session of 30 minutes with Lindsay within the following month after programme close, upon request)

About Lindsay Nixon
Coaching people to perform at their best


Lindsay is a British, bi-lingual, qualified specialist in Emotional Intelligence. She is qualified and registered with the Association for Coaching of the United Kingdom and has coached and trained her clients to develop communication, decision-making, strategic thinking and planning skills.

She has over 25 years’ experience working in various roles alongside leaders of multinationals which has given her a broad understanding of leadership and corporate life. Lindsay also has wide experience in training, in both corporate environments, personal development and sports areas.

Recently she has been working with competitive sports teams and their trainers (principally basketball) and is collaborating with EmprendeTVE, a Spanish TV programme for entrepreneurs.

Lindsay created the exclusive MVP (Most Valuable Player) programme for personal and professional development, especially for groups of private clients who want high-impact results.

Calendar of sessions*

7, 14, 21, 28 MAY

4, 11, 18, 25 JUNE

Time: 9.45am to 1pm

*Contact us for other dates/times (and the possibility in Spanish)

Tailored to…

Everyone who wants to lead their own lives, either resolving something in their current stage or progressing to the next level of achievement in their life, be it personal, sports, professional …!

The programme in English is tailored for native/bi-lingual participants. Contact us for a chat with Lindsay prior to registering.


1 month of your time
Lots of good intentions & willpower!


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